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Mission Statement

TH120606_HARMON_AIA-NC_P10822fThe AIA North Carolina Center for Architecture and Design will be a new community resource for North Carolina design professionals and statewide residents. The space will be multi-functional, providing new administrative space for the AIA North Carolina staff as they continue to serve AIA North Carolina members and the public in the coordination of statewide design education programs and the archiving and dissemination of materials, information, and teaching tools.

TH120606_HARMON_AIA-NC_P10488fThe mission of the new AIA North Carolina Headquarters will be to bridge architecture and the public. The facilities will exhibit design excellence and will represent the talent and aspirations of AIA North Carolina members. The Chapter headquarters will provide a contact point for government participation, act as a catalyst for public outreach and design education programs to radiate throughout the state, provide public exposure for architects and their work, and serve as a source of pride for AIA NC members and the entire state.