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The AIA NC Center for Architecture and Design (CfAD) is excited to introduce a new public education series on homes and how we live in them. “How We Live” is a free series that will take place on select Saturdays in November and December at the CfAD that focus on how to think about and design a better home. These classes are an opportunity for curious home owners, would-be homeowners, and anyone interested in architecture or how we live to talk with those who know about home design the best, local architects.

These classes will begin at 10:00 am on select Saturdays at the Center for Architecture and Design, 14 East Peace Street, Raleigh, NC 27604. For more information, or sign up for the classes, please visit, or call AIA NC at 919-833-6656.


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Dec 7,2013 -     Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Free to the public! The How We Live Series.

Today's topic- Beyond the Single Family House

The majority of people live in cities.  To encourage new families to embrace urban domestic life, and not move to low-density suburbs, cities need to be designed to support the healthy development of children and the adults that care for them. Robin Moore, Professor of Landscape Architecture  and Director of Natural Learning Initiative at NC State University, will discuss  ways in which our urban neighborhoods can nurture the growth of families and community.
Local architect Tina Govan, AIA, will present alternatives to the single family detached house,  demonstrating the promise of living more densely, not just for singles and couples, but for families as well. Tina will also introduce the approach of structure/infill, which invites residents to participate in the making of their own place, resulting in an authentic, organic variety rather than a designed one.
Matt Tomasulo is an urban designer and civic instigator who is currently focused on how we are rapidly adapting our urban landscapes to house and support many more people living more closely together.  Mobility is becoming an ever increasing factor in our personal and community health. Matt will discuss how cities and communities are adapting past behaviors and investments to be more people and walker friendly, drawing people out of their homes and into public streets and spaces. 
Matthew Griffith, AIA, is founding Principal of Raleigh-based in situ studio and Professor of Practice in Architecture at the NCSU College of Design. He will discuss the importance of variety in the cost, format, and value of housing in the city and identify areas in the immediate periphery of downtown Raleigh that have the potential to accommodate new kinds of housing in support of a more exuberant urbanism.


AIA NC Center for Architecture and Design
14 East Peace Street
Raleigh, 27604

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